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ShangHai Yuquan Packaging Machine CO.,LTD.
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  ShangHai Yuquan Packaging Machine CO.,LTD. is professional packaging machinery company which is specialized in research and development ,design,manufacturing,sale,and service . The main products include automatic sealing and cutting shrink packaging machine, carton opening machine, carton sealing machine, sealing packing machine, vertical and pillow packaging machine ,and more than 10 kinds of packaging machine . ……[click Details]
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YUQUAN packaging machinery attaches great importance to product pre-sale and after sale service, technical service personnel to provide you with the most convenient, the most enthusiastic service, service commitments are as follows:A, pre-sales consulting: providing detailed information for you, as you design for your products.
PE Bilateral sealing and cutting machine L automatic sealing and cutting machine Automatic packing machine YQ-4035Box sealing machine YQ-450pillow type high-speed sealing&cutting YQK-520Large vertical automatic packing YQ-450W/600W reciprocating pillow charter
YQ-40k Teabag packing machine YQK-18 Teabag packing machine/td> Screw packing machine YQ-200 Automatic packaging YYQ-250X Down paper pillow charter YQ-150B Granule packaging machine YQ-60F Powder quantitative filling
LinkAutomatic packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, pillow packing machine
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